Every day a nightmare for this “Plastic Village” in Indonesia

In 2010, the Swiss entrepreneur Marco Simeoni created the Race for Water Foundation, based in Lausanne. He devotes all his time to it in order to put his entrepreneurial fibre to good use in protecting the oceans. Passionate about the sea, in 2015 he decides to launch a first scientific and environmental expedition, the Race for Water Odyssey, to draw up an initial global analysis about the plastic pollution of our oceans. The findings are clear, ‘plastic islands’ do not exist and heading out to collect up the plastic waste at sea proves to be a utopia. At the heart of the oceans sprawls a ‘soup’ of microplastics, which float around with the oceanic gyres. “We very quickly became aware that the solution is on land. It is absolutely imperative that we prevent plastic waste from reaching the oceans”, explains Marco Simeoni. On 9 April 2017, Race for Water sets off around the world again on a new five-year Odyssey to offer solutions for protecting the oceans from plastic pollution, a genuine environmental disaster on a planetary scale.